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Koh Ngai

Written By Traveler on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | 12:14 PM

Koh Ngai is the island in the Andaman coast of Southern Thailand .
The island is ideal for quiet relaxation. Is snorkel beautiful coral and fish. Be filled with delicious fresh seafood. You are close to the sea than any other.
     Island in Krabi province area, sitting by ferry boat takes about 2 hours. If looking from the top. Island shaped like arrow. Accommodation and Resorts has a wide range around the island. I stay at Koh Ngai resortThis is the only resort on an island marine facilities. Accommodation is both a room And beach bungalows. Facilities such as a Thai massage, Internet, swimming pool etc.

     If you want to snorkel the coral shallow water. You can buy for 1 day tour to snorkel in the coral islands nearby. Including emerald cave penetration. To see a small beach hidden inside. This is a guided tour and take care. Even if you do not swim. You can see beautiful coral colored light and many fish are swimming around in you. Or you want to snorkel the coral in front resort.

     There are also other activities such as boating excursions to explore the island sunbathing. If you wake up early morning. Front resort is a beautiful sunrise view.
.. Have a good day to relax.

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