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Koh Ngai Resort

Written By Traveler on Saturday, January 4, 2014 | 12:29 AM

Koh Ngai Resort : a peaceful and amazing place for your vacation that you must have seen

So, if a comfortable resort holiday in an idyllic tropical island setting is what you have in mind, then Koh Ngai is for you. If you like a beautiful and quiet beach - here it is as natural and undisturbed as many suggest- pure nature. However, the island boasts one of Trang's best beaches -- a long sliver of white sand with stunning views of distant limestone karsts. 

Koh Ngai is in the province Trang at the Andaman-Sea and is one of the attractions you must visit. A relaxing place just to keep yourself feeling comfortable. Also in this area, not far away there are many other interesting attractions such as Emerald Cave, Diving in the bright Coral Sea, learn snorkeling and admire the uncountable colorful fish or see many other attractions.

Travel by ship. From Pak Meng Pier boats shipping from the early morning until evening, especially on weekends. There are a lot of tour groups shipping out daily. The boat trip takes about one hour. Koh Ngai Resort is in front of Koh Ngai as soon as you arrive, fix the luggage, see the room and start to explore.

The beach in the front is about 300 hundred meters long, in the sand are a lot of swings and folding chairs to relax and enjoy the amazing view. And this afternoon- if available- you can see pairs of noisy hornbills that occasionally swoop out over the beach eating captured fruit. At the south end of the beach are rocks with oyster shells for clinging. But beware, because they are very sharp and you could be hurt.. 

For those who enjoy snorkeling do not need to go far. This beach resort has plenty to see and to offer. A few tens of meters off the beach with fish, parrot fish and tiger fish, but even take care and watch out for sea urchins floating horizontal and plenty of them.
The resort provides snorkeling and other equipment as: Snorkels, kayaks, life jackets, soccer balls, Volley ball facilities including a swimming pool adjacent to the beach with another possibility. The first day should be started with a diving mask, snorkel and life jacket, because diving is incredible funny and opens a new world to discover.
The rooms and the resort's restaurant are classified as being in fair price – good taste quality and quantity compared with the price paid. It must be worth it! The positive value of a view of different parts.

For boat trips you'll have to wait the black shallow water by the nearby islands such as Koh Ma and Koh Rok island with colorful soft corals. There are a variety of ocean fish.

There is also a trip to the Emerald Cave. This is the “Unseen Thailand” and it is quite interesting. The boat will go in front of the cave which is in an island in the middle is the sea. Travelers will have to touch the shoulders of the other tourist and keep always in contact. And a guided tour will take you into the dark cave where everyone needed to help to hit the water to keep moving forward. Inside the cave will not see anything it is really dark. You only hear and feel the shoulders well. You meet other group tours inside the cave. They chat and have fun together. Soon it will be out of the cave to find a sandy beach in the middle of the island. Look up a rocky cliff surrounded. The only way out of this beach is classed as Emerald Cave the attraction you must have experienced. It's not like something usual. Even you will see that there is another tour group had just come out of the cave. A MUST adventure.

Koh Ngai with its totally pristine - like a day at the beach, see hornbills flying to the island over your head eating the fruit they could capture. Be fascinated from this pure nature!

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